Handmade Lights

Black Walnut Wood Base with Cast Iron Flange

Our urban style retro table lamps and wall lights are all handmade and inspired by twentieth-century classic Italian and European industrial design.   Some are one-off pieces.

This bygone era of industrial design, notably from the 1930’s to the 1960’s had been when lighting was robust and made to perform a function – lighting had an air of simplicity to it and was made to last.

Our signature design is using sustainable U.K. sourced natural hardwoods such as ash,  black walnut, oak and mahogany for our lamp bases with square clean edges.

We use our own unique organic wax polish by mixing organic beeswax and organic olive oil together.  This type of wax polish dates back to the middle-ages and gives each piece of wood a hand polished matte finish. We don’t like using chemicals that make our wood look too shiny and seamless.

We also make lighting with galvanised industrial tubing, using chrome, solid brass and metal fittings.

Quality and safety is very important to us,  our electrical supplies are sourced in the UK and comply with both UK and Europeans safety (CE mark) standards.

Before each lamp we make is listed to be sold, it must pass a portable appliance test (PAT) by a qualified electrician and be certified safe to use and comply to selling electrical products in the UK and Europe. 

Currently busy making some beautiful lights and will get them tested (PAT) by our qualified electrician.